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      Dongguan Baimei swimwear Co., Ltd
      Address:Lihao industrial park,The Second Shangling Industrial Zone of Tiantou,Hengli Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China.  
      Zip code:523478
      Contact person:Vivian Peng  (Mobile:0086-0159 1685 0897)  
      "Swimsuit 30 years of legend" tells the story of grass-roots entrepreneurship [2015-01-23] (Click3432
      Situation swimwear industry worrying: Brand cohabitation quality varies greatly [2015-01-23] (Click973
      Nude bathing suits, more body [2014-12-18] (Click750
      6 classes for the World Cup warming hot swimsuit [2014-12-18] (Click746
      When using custom-made swimsuit materials plant products [2014-12-18] (Click730
      Explain one-piece swimsuit cleaning tips [2014-12-18] (Click612
      Swimwear manufacturers is how to test the product [2014-12-18] (Click2951
      About the company's swimwear swimsuit variety [2014-12-18] (Click587
      How to choose the one-piece bathing suits for women [2014-12-18] (Click616
      How swimwear manufacturers should face the fierce market competition [2014-12-18] (Click2871
      What is the significance of Spa swimsuit signs? [2014-12-18] (Click658
      Swimsuit swimsuit company for you to explain to replace common sense [2014-12-18] (Click592
      Swimsuit factory applied to those aspects of printing technology [2014-12-18] (Click575
      Swimwear manufacturers teach you how to save your own swimsuit [2014-12-18] (Click516
      Swimwear from here to the world [2014-12-18] (Click535
      Candidates swimsuit Arts Show "freezing the beautiful people" Jiangxi Arts exam opening test [2014-12-18] (Click523
      Singaporean Chinese supermodel endorsement summer fashion one-piece lead Australia [2014-12-18] (Click530
      Hungary held a Christmas activity for men and women running naked swimsuit flying sexy "freeze" people [2014-12-18] (Click777

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