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      Dongguan Baimei swimwear Co., Ltd
      Address:Lihao industrial park,The Second Shangling Industrial Zone of Tiantou,Hengli Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China.  
      Zip code:523478
      Contact person:Vivian Peng  (Mobile:0086-0159 1685 0897)  
      Gomes Selena (Gomez Selena) a white bathing suit to take pictures, round girl also sexy moments [2015-08-14] (Click857
      Summer full of playful cool swimwear, Bobby &#8226; Diwa Yi (Poppy Delevingne) × Solid & Striped Women Swimwear Lookbook [2015-08-14] (Click851
      Brazilian swimwear brand Eve 2015 summer women's swimsuit Ad Campaign [2015-08-14] (Click889
      Swimwear for 2015 Spring and Summer [2015-08-14] (Click851
      Victoria's Secret bikini swimsuit sexy new strikes [2015-05-19] (Click940
      Sunny Beach season pick your own that section of swimsuit! [2015-05-19] (Click900
      New York Trump SoHo Hotel launched cross-border ViX swimwear brand [2015-05-19] (Click951
      Victoria secret angel Kelly Gale sexy interpretation Victoria's Secret lingerie brand new swimsuit [2015-05-19] (Click918
      Supermodel Abby - Abbey Clancy hot sun swimsuit photo in March [2015-05-19] (Click713
      Lingerie and swimwear surface materials 2015/2016 autumn and winter fashion trends [2015-03-17] (Click681
      European textile desire to find new markets for China [2015-03-17] (Click639
      2015 spring and summer fabrics trend analysis [2015-03-17] (Click679
      Lai Si Pin: Tell you a different Chinese-Italian fabric market [2015-03-17] (Click643
      Knitted fabrics obvious marketing differentiation [2015-03-17] (Click852
      what are the advantages and character of the digital printing technology for professional swimsuit [2015-01-29] (Click566
      Swimsuit is divided into tight and loose two kinds [2015-01-29] (Click627
      Materials Knowledge of swimsuit [2015-01-29] (Click612
      Nike and other international big swimsuit detect harmful ingredients [2015-01-23] (Click653
      Swimwear emancipated mind [2015-01-23] (Click647
      Swimwear and other outlets shall be highly concerned about perfluorinated compounds [2015-01-23] (Click685

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