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      Dongguan Baimei swimwear Co., Ltd
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      Swimsuit swimsuit company for you to explain to replace common sense
         Edit:管理員   Browse:592  Date:2014-12-18 
      A chest indentation
      Rims feel like a swimsuit company framework, this should be the outline for the chest and then give it a load bearing capacity, but if too little pressure in the chest, it will be like tofu, like the original part of the chest fat to cut out,will be getting smaller breasts.
      Second, the shift on regular chest Cup
      Such a situation is very embarrassing, especially cup constantly move up. So a lot of MM will have in public places is pulling all the clothes is a positive chest. Is in a very indecent!
      Third,back there Lehen
      The company will usually explain swimsuit bottom tight, the need to enlarge the size. Or the bottom too narrow, easy go Le, Le Hen cause. To try to wear those bra straps widened.
      Fourth, the straps often decline
      Swimwear company believes this phenomenon may be due to one of the two underwear too small too loose, move after prone straps from slipping.
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