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      Dongguan Baimei swimwear Co., Ltd
      Address:Lihao industrial park,The Second Shangling Industrial Zone of Tiantou,Hengli Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China.  
      Zip code:523478
      Contact person:Vivian Peng  (Mobile:0086-0159 1685 0897)  
      About the company's swimwear swimsuit variety
         Edit:管理員   Browse:588  Date:2014-12-18 

      About the company's swimwear swimsuit varieties:
      1. alternating vertical stripes:
      Two kinds of intertwined vertical stripes, white, red, blue and white cross more common.
      2. rough vertical stripes:
      Refers equally spaced vertical stripes coarse flower pattern, the smallest is about half a millimeter stripes.
      3. From the pattern classification:
      The company's swimsuit swimsuit patterns abound, understanding the common pattern, with a suit and tie into a great help with.
      4. Tattersall grillwork:
      Anyway, two kinds of intertwined flowers pinstripe case, white red, black and white stripes are more common.
      5. Pencil Stripe:
      Line is very thin, seems like a pencil drawing. Impression of truthfulness, and more as livery swimsuit cloth.

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