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      Swimwear manufacturers is how to test the product
         Edit:管理員   Browse:2948  Date:2014-12-18 

      Swimwear manufacturers is how to test the product:
      First, the strength of the test on the dead
      Flat pull strength is the most basic strength index, and testing overalls with zipper teeth interlock condition, the ability to resist the lateral forces, which are very similar to the actual state.
      Second, the level of pull strength test
      There are many good ways to measure strength zipper swimsuit manufacturers, but the basic requirements can be strongly tested by the following methods, from the results of these tests can determine the quality of the different uses of the chain pull.
      Third, the slider locking strength test
      Swimwear manufacturers test cotter pull even intubation and sockets withstand external damage situation, fixtures are fixed up and down about the open end of the side, pulling even in the closed case, the idea is beginning Kai.
      Fourth, the open end flat pull strength test
      The lower end of the slider pull spigot, pull teeth were divided into two departments around, pulling the left and right sides of the teeth of the chain can be, the next stop to measure the force required to be destroyed, as well as an internal measure to resist the force of the slider member.
      Five powerful testing only
      Pull the chain even teeth interlock, and just pull the head to pull the upper end of the mouth, pull pulling head, then you can only measure the strength zipper on clothes, which is simulated in overalls holding state zipper pull head over the top stop or the ability to withstand the pull-off force when moving from the top dead center ribbed.

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