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      Situation swimwear industry worrying: Brand cohabitation quality varies greatly
         Edit:管理員   Browse:973  Date:2015-01-23 
      Recently, the newspaper informed the Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality Supervision swimsuit product sampling results, a failure rate of nearly 7 percent. It is worth noting that in the sampling swimsuit product quality and price presents a positive correlation.
      Such sampling results is not alone. Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision sampling results released in August showed that nearly 40 percent of children swimwear failed. The main unqualified items for color fastness, tensile elastic elongation, fiber content, logo and formaldehyde content. Substandard products, there are many Hosa, Ice Donato other famous brands.
      Hot hot summer months, it is swimsuit sales season. Reporters interviewed found that swimsuit price from 20 yuan to the hundred dollars, some store counter swimsuit price even up to nearly a thousand dollars.
      Experts say the main reason for failure is the fierce market competition, some enterprises to reduce costs at the expense of quality, in addition to the standard may not be implemented also led to the emergence of quality problems.
      Industry concentration is too low
      Textiles, senior analyst, China Textile Network editor Wang forward told reporters: "At present, China's swimwear industry, industry concentration is relatively low, can account for 1% to 5% of the market share are considered relatively high, and the market more SMEs, such as Hosa leading enterprises only single-digit market share. "
      There are reports that the SME swimwear occupied more than 90% market share. Most of these companies gathered in Jinjiang, Fujian, Yiwu, Zhejiang and Liaoning Xingcheng swimsuit three bases.
      Three swimsuit bases have their own characteristics. Jinjiang started earlier, good product quality, export wider, priced in the high-end, on behalf of the brand Hosa, Chau grams, Tianzi, Luo Accor, Paul Da, Japan. Zhejiang Yiwu, mainly in the low-priced wholesale to Articles, Rainbow, small goldfish and other brands represented. Xingcheng, Liaoning swimsuit manufacturers have more than 100, mainly for export sales, butterfly position, Kaidilong gold Cher is its representative brands.
      Statistics show that in 2012 the three major production bases swimsuit directly employing nearly 20 million people, with an annual swimsuit 420 million, accounting for nearly 40% of global output. Because China swimsuit high quality and reasonable price, welcome by the international market, China's share of the international swimwear market is also expanding, which is only sold in the domestic market of about 200 million.
      For-profit abandon quality
      Swimsuit numerous large and small businesses, market competition has become increasingly fierce. Wang forward explained: "Low brand awareness or are they mention the brand of products, we do everything possible to reduce costs in order to survive."
      Reporter survey found that plagiarism swimwear brand design, as well as frequent quality problems in recent years for swimwear industry's most common criticism.
      A staff member told reporters that China Fiber Inspection Bureau, swimwear, lingerie such personal wearing apparel, fabric requirements to be a little higher than other clothing. If the light fastness, tensile elastic elongation, fiber content of these projects failed, on the one hand may lead emptied, prone to allergies and other phenomena after hand contact with the skin, in addition, also affect the swimsuit life.
      Wang told reporters ahead of these quality issues involved failed projects, not companies reach the level of production technology, but the cost of compression caused. He believes that the most common problem swimsuit material that does not match with the actual ingredient label. For example, to display the signs of a fiber components accounted for 20%, 80% cotton fiber, cotton fiber content but may not reach the actual detection of 80%, due to the cotton fiber than other fiber ingredient prices higher. So often vacuity problem.
      He also noted that the quality problem is difficult to detect by visual inspection only be verified by a professional testing organization. Although the introduction of the swimsuit relevant national standards, but standards are not strict, not be implemented, but also led to the existence of many problems.
      Huge market potential
      Market research firm NPD data show that in 2013 US sales of swimwear reached a staggering $ 4.4 billion, an increase of 6 percentage points over the previous year. Behind the market size of $ 4.4 billion, only 300 million of the population size. China's population is the United States several times, but only a fraction of sales swimsuit United States. Seen in this light, swimwear market in China is still a niche product, compared with Europe, the consumption level is still in its infancy swimsuit, "but has a huge market potential," When talking about China's swimwear market, Wang commented advance .
      張發松 renowned marketing experts in the media have said that with the changes in people's living standards and consumption concept, many companies have seen growth in swimsuit space swimwear domestic market, so a lot of foreign companies have to force the domestic market.
      Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst believes that consumers, swimwear market booming, means new trends, new trend more autonomous choice.
      How swimwear industry development trends? "People in the fashion swimwear requirements will be higher, will be more emphasis on individuality. With the improvement of the level of consumption, swimwear trend in upgrades, this demand is more high-end products." Explains Wang forward .
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