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      Dongguan Baimei swimwear Co., Ltd
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      "Swimsuit 30 years of legend" tells the story of grass-roots entrepreneurship
         Edit:管理員   Browse:3428  Date:2015-01-23 
      WASHINGTON reporter Zhai new group reported envy of the world because of Xingcheng swimsuit, so people are Huludao Xingcheng swimsuit people's minds more shrouded in mystery. As a group of unknown roots, how they create the world's fourth market to seize this miracle? A few days ago, "and the city --- Huludao swimsuit" Xingcheng create "30 years of fashion legend," a book by the Shenyang Publishing House for the first time to show us this gorgeous colorful history of entrepreneurship Industrial group.
         Exports of the biggest names in the original swimsuit Wang Baolan childhood so much suffering! Done for many years, "Huludao Daily" correspondent Han Wenxin author of the book, no exaggeration, no rendering, using news plain record brushwork, the interview lasted more than a year to Wangbao Lan, Liu sisters, brothers Pak, Sunkai Bin, Qin Dajun , Zhang Dong yuan, Zhou Jia swimwear and other famous figures of the true story, like the story telling us that his right.
         The book "No law-abiding people" section, describes Wangbaolan, Liuxueyan swimwear, etc., as the first generation of people, even though both have their own careers in public institutions, are still in the early 90s of last century, decided to go into business style . The sea, both steady, at every step of 王寶蘭, there are veteran, ups and downs, ups and downs, such as Li Haifeng Yongbuyanbai agitation life; there children from the hotel door to the home of a brother's swimsuit electricity supplier "Pursuit swimsuit" boss, who just turned 30 years old this year, Zhou Jia business history. Everyone's story is very exciting, giving inspiration to countless, endless thinking. Because this is the first description of the people around Huludao business story books, so it will be available soon as we snapped borrow a time Huludao expensive paper. "So business is so hard, ah." Cadres after reading a lot of agencies that spontaneously from the heart of the mission to enhance the services business responsibility. "Entrepreneurship is like a practical textbook case." Some people reading, also decided to learn from them, and actively participate in Xingcheng swimsuit electricity provider entrepreneurial tide.
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