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      Swimwear emancipated mind
         Edit:管理員   Browse:649  Date:2015-01-23 
      Leonardo featuring new version of "The Great Gatsby" is ready to come out, I bought a 1974 edition of the same name, the film looked, noticed a detail: Before Gatsby alone was shot and killed in Wilson luxury swimming pool, is enclosed in a wearing down very crisp one-piece swimsuit, and a root pastel lines truly beautiful. Original, Fitzgerald did not mention Gatsby swimming attire, the film tells us, in the 1920s, when a man wearing swim much more tightly than now.
      As a woman, between several hundred years, swimming has always been a very cost clothes thing. Change from the beginning of the 1960s and 1970s, a mere 50 years or so, a thriving fashion industry swimsuit rise, while in the meantime, swimsuit did not even become a separate category of clothing. Woman to swim, wear on dry land to go with not much difference. Have come out in a famous 1797 portrait, exhibited at the exhibition in a French side draw two women, they obviously on the waterfront, but wearing hats, scarves, gloves, do not reveal an inch of skin, faintly visible under the skirt Lead a pendant, which is to prevent the water after their skirts Piaoqi in the water, exposing thighs, beneath decency.
      We all know that the 18th and 19th centuries, the world's fashion centers in France, the French court of interesting changes in the monarchy, will radiate to other European countries, where it causes repercussions. A lot of women to flock to the seafront, frolic first rife in the Napoleonic era, in 1810, a "poly-US" magazine for women introduced a professional swimwear with:
      "A fine French linen with fine gauze or pale pink gown made with a long-sleeved, white French fine linen pants do outside with a pale white muslin do antiquity trousers and skirts to pants cut flush with the bottom edge of the general . beige short a patterned scarf, light green inlay side, decorated with silk tassels thick and dense. beige suede gloves, light yellow slippers, shoes or white Moroccan case, a simple yet official swimsuit fit even completed. "
      Obviously, when the swimsuit or patchwork nature, is borrowed from the conventional fashion, from clothing fabrics, styles to color, much the same as had to abide by the rules. Collectively make up the clothes with bathing suits, visible, even the "bath" and "swimming" These two acts are very intimate. To go to the beach frolic are powerful and influential upper class, but it is "Guide" can be seen, these women did not have much autonomy dressing. This is actually not called fashion, at best only be regarded as a kind of "fashion", because fashion is to encourage a free man, not bound by human freedom.
      Swimsuit independence from bathrobe out, things are late; but the most famous bikini swimsuit, was going to come out in 1946, and before that, who would imagine that a woman can wear so little water in full view of it? Recently summer, fashion sites have posted the latest star to wear their favorite photo bikini, Angela Simon (Angela Simmons) and Katy Perry (Katy Perry) wearing a bikini strip; chest larger Jolie Ye Hoff (Julianne Hough) in a bikini with a steel ring for C cup or more of the woman; Rihanna (Rihanna) and Christina Milian (Christina Milian) wearing a monokini, understood as using a single piece cloth-piece swimsuit, which highlights the waist hollowed out from the front at the waist prescribe concave arc, seem slim waist ...... these are mostly single product beautiful color, pink and leaves, not that of the 19th century who is single-minded like that Gatsby shallow Daisy trendy woman, who can not imagine that one day could be opened to such a degree that can make such a large area of bare skin. Distinguish between different era swimwear and swimwear, swimwear and greater than the difference between the suit; each generation influx of people probably feel that they have reached the highest point of it ever.
      Swimwear become an independent fashion, the no longer swayed by other clothing, and in turn also affect other categories of fashion design. Bikini appears, allowing designers treasure, frequently an issue, in 1965, the designer John Bates (John Bates) had the bikini top and bottom halves together with transparent network, and later, he simply put this idea uses a tuxedo design. He's a classic evening dress is cut out at the waist adduction of the two angle brackets, models bare waist, feeling the middle of a tape system, and exactly the same bikini. So, now see the outline of the monokini Rihanna wearing waist, would think that modeling is not new. (Author: Bo Yu)
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