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      Dongguan Baimei swimwear Co., Ltd
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      Materials Knowledge of swimsuit
         Edit:管理員   Browse:615  Date:2015-01-29 

      Because the opportunity to wear swimsuits is usually not too much, most of Girls when they're making the choice, mainly pay attention on the style and design, often neglect the material.

      The best selection of spandex content of more than 15% of elastic fabric, so swimwear with body movements can calm stretch; swim in the pool, pay attention to the fabric of the degree of adaptation of the pool water content of chlorine molecules, in front the world's most popular three-dimensional elastic swimsuit fabric.
      The most appropriate choice at low temperature water or swimming. Because this fabric more hollow, easy to maintain body temperature. As little as possible to buy or not to buy imitation of so-called "import high-elastic spandex fabric." Loss spandex fabric content is generally about 15% -20%, and second, because the composition variation imitation fabric, after launching resilience poor.

      Because sport swimsuit belong practical clothing, tensile force is strong, it is best not to select more style stitching. Large amount of exercise, the easy opening line from the splice. Sewing seams, three-pin cable stitch five basic, three-pin six most solid line.

      Stretch of thread and fabric should be consistent. Beachwear series has the best selection of shirring line, so that both decency, elastic stretch is also stronger.

      Silk cotton swimsuit cover the surface with synthetic fabrics and bright, colorful strengths, inner layer with a cotton weaving, skin irritation, especially for those who wear skin allergies. Swimsuit crotch lining should have a swimsuit lining life longer.

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