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      Swimsuit is divided into tight and loose two kinds
         Edit:管理員   Browse:630  Date:2015-01-29 

      Women wearing two kinds of clothing, the most likely caused by the opposite sex. One is the dinner dress, another is the swimsuit. Indeed, the two garments are the most representative of the performance of female beauty - gorgeous evening to bring out the feminine side of women, while women swimwear is sketched look fresh and fit.

      According to the function, it is divided into tight and loose.

      Appeal to no bound tight, low water resistance, suitable for swimming, wear in the pool fully justified, but the wear on the beach, leaving aside the appearance aside, it may not be possible to deal with the sand and wear it. Based on this point, I think Speedos are not suitable to wear to the beach. However, if it is pure swimming, I think wearing Speedos to the beach is understandable, nothing funny, but if it is to wear Speedos on the beach playing volleyball, it is more surprising.

      Beach pants are sand, wear, suitable for engaging in various activities on the beach, which are designed to prevent moisture left on the clothes to be ruthless when drying water from the water, the sand will not stay in the pants, even if there is pocket, is also designed to have a leaking drain holes in the sand.

      After swimming, use the shower wash the body, wash with soap to clean the swim suit, and dried in the sun. Borrowed or rented swimsuits are unsanitary, but also easily lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases. Do not wear a swim suit to go swimming not dry enough .

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