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      what are the advantages and character of the digital printing technology for professional swimsuit
         Edit:管理員   Browse:568  Date:2015-01-29 
      Each swimsuit has some pattern, faraway in production pattern generally have to use the digital printing technology to make better production, then what are the advantages of digital printing and personalized it?
      Here we will go together to learn to understand it!
      Professional swimsuit advantages of digital printing and personalized:
      1. The new printing concept
      Printing process briefly, direct printing, greatly simplifies the printing process
      2. No screen, short cycle
      Make the sample directly, thriftiness screen costs and cycle, A flower-shaped printed out a few hours can lead.
      3. Small quantity and variety
      Achieve a single piece and small batch production of personalized,
      Professional swimsuit digital printing technology has been well developed, digital printing technology has also been improved must have missed the generosity of digital printing technology in many professional productions swimsuit.
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