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      Dongguan Baimei swimwear Co., Ltd
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      Supermodel Abby - Abbey Clancy hot sun swimsuit photo in March
         Edit:管理員   Browse:716  Date:2015-05-19 
      REVIEW: There have been three months pregnant supermodel Abbey • Abbey Clancy. but also in the social network Instagram drying out a swimsuit photo, I saw her body still hot and sexy, no pregnancies were not affected.
      Abbey • Abbey Clancy is England star Peter Crouch's wife, she already had a child, and in December 2014 broke again pregnant with a fetus Clancy. Recently, has been pregnant three months of Clancy took a group of beach poster, dressed in open-front sexy swimsuit, figure exquisite, deep V cleavage glance, slightly damp blond at the sea breeze caresses slightly float, style million. The photo shoot phrase photographer Karis are on their own Instagram released a set of Clancy beach photos, and it’s much appreciated, said it is sexy stuff.
      If interested in a swimsuit on the map, please contact with our factory -ella@eastariel.com.
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